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Places of interest :: Denpasar is one of tourist places and destination in Bali, it is the capital city Bali popular with largest traditional market , below is the information.

Denpasar is Bali’s capital city, it is the largest city on the island, the centre of commerce and governmental administration. The main street of the old town   start with Jalan Gajahmada in the west, is the major commercial centre of shop, banks and restaurants, Surapati Street in the centre, followed by Hayam Wuruk Street and ends as Raya Sanur Street in the east. There are many things of history and culture to see. The Puputan Square, with its heroic Catur Mukha, fondly commemorates the Balinese’s suicidal stand against the Dutch. Until today, it is touchingly, a popular meeting place for locals in the evenings.
Denpasar has countless community temples called Pura and one of them is Pura Jaganatha, which is dedicated to the Supreme God Sang Hyang Widi Wasa. The statue of a turtle and two dragons is prevalent in all temples as it signifies the foundation of the world. Pura Jaganatha offers a fine array of prehistoric and modern art, while its architectural design resembles that of a palace. The government-supervised Sanggraha Kriya Hasta has a wide display of handicraft and works of art. Between June and July is the Werdi Budaya, an annual art festival with performances, exhibitions, and art contests.
There is also an interesting place like; Badung market one of the largest Markets of the market area in which all of the markets are located around Jalan Sulewesi , the government-supervised, art centre, Sanggraha Kriya Hasta, which also home to a tremendous variety of handicraft and works of art. Taman Werdhi Budaya, meanwhile, is an arts centre with occasional exhibits of paintings, crafts and carvings, and holds traditional dances every evening. It is also the host of the annual Bali Arts Festival in June to July, with performances, exhibitions, art contest, and other activities of artistic nature.

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