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Places of interest :: Jimbaran is one of tourist places and destination in Bali, it is popular spot for sunset and local see food , below is the information.

Jimbaran is another resort near Kuta, where the tourist are quite fond of. It’s a drowsy bay where flotillas of fishing boats blush the panorama.

Jimbaran village is the narrow neck of Bali Island, and thus it has two remarkably different beaches. On the west, Jimbaran Beach faces the Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxurious resorts. On the east, the beach faces the body of water sheltered by Benoa Harbor. Jimbaran is a sleepy cove where fleets of fishing boats color the scene. Since the opening of The Four Seasons Resort Bali and the Bali Inter Continental, this once-quiet area has now become a popular resort in Bali. Choose from simple local food, the freshest fish or 5-star luxury. It is also a popular spot for sunset

Local families and tourists are drawn by its beauty, and to enjoy the food of the superb and calm waters attract many people. It is very popular spot for windsurfing and small sailing craft, which are available for rent.

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